Blackjack winner Blackjack split Blackjack hit It’s Blackjack is a light-weight simulation of the classic casino card game. It features crisp color graphics and easy to use controls. You can change your bet, hit, stand, split, or double down.


Play starts by placing your bet. Use the Up and Down buttons to change the amount, and push the OK button to place your bet. The minium bet is $10.

After placing your bet, the dealer deals the cards, two to you, and two to himself. One of the dealer’s cards will be face-down, and the other will be face-up. If either you or the dealer has a blackjack, the hand ends with either a win, loss, or push. Otherwise, you will have the following options.

  1. Hit – Take a card.
  2. Stand – Don’t take any more cards.
  3. Double – Take one more card, double your bet, and stand.
  4. Split – Double your bet and split your cards into two hands. You can only do this when there are exactly two cards in the hand, and they are of the same rank.

The hand continues until you either double, stand, or bust. The payout is 3:2 for a blackjack, and 1:1 for all other winning hands. Your “bank” starts at $100 dollars, after which the game will remember your balance between plays.


  • Start Game / Place Bet – OK or SELECT key
  • Change Bet – Up and Down keys
  • Hit – 1 key
  • Stand – 2 key
  • Double – 3 key
  • Split – 4 key
  • Exit Game – Exit Command
  • Reset Pot to Default – Reset Command


This MIDlet requires a Java ME enabled device with CLDC 1.0 and MIDP 1.0 support.

Download to PC:

JAD: blackjack.jad
JAR: blackjack.jar

Download to Mobile Device:

Open with your mobile, go to Games, and select Blackjack for All Phones

11 Responses to “Blackjack”

  1. Adam Says:

    Dunno if you know this or not, but the black jack only pays out 1:2 currently. For example, a bet of $50 results in a net win of $100, but a black jack is only $75. I’d be interested in getting the source code (if your cool with that) to fix that and try to add a Surrender to the game.

  2. Don Barnes Says:

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for the feedback. There is a new version out that fixes the pay out issue for naturals, as well as a few other issues. This is one of the titles I am considering releasing the source code for, but I want to take some time and clean it up a bit first. I’ll let post a news item once that is done.

  3. Brad Says:


    Great Blackjack sim, thanks! Good speed and easy control. It is a great tool for practicing basic strategy. A couple questions concerning implementation details:

    How many decks are used?
    Are cards reshuffled after every hand?


  4. Don Barnes Says:

    Hi Brad,

    Thanks for the compliments. To answer your questions, there are 6 decks per shoe, and yes, the cards are reshuffled after every hand.

  5. David Says:

    I use a Motorola i760 and the bet size and credit are outside the screen.

  6. Don Barnes Says:

    Hi David,

    I was able to recreate this problem on the Motorola emulator, and I think I’ve fixed it. Thanks for identifying the issue.

  7. ftempel Says:


    This game was exactly what I was looking for…except it work quite right on my LG KG320 mobile phone. The problem is that to start the game, I have to hit the “OK” button…well, I don’t have it, so I tried every button on the phone. Too bad none of them seems to qualify as “OK” button so the game never actually starts. All I can do is exit; or raise/decrease the betting amount (so yeah, up and down buttons do work).

    If you could code in an alternate for “OK” to start the game, that would be awesome!

  8. Robert Says:

    I downloaded the version for the Blackberry Curve (8320) and really liked the implementation however the card are extreme small on the Blackberry. There is a lot of space and they could easily be twice the size. I really have trouble seeing the cards at their present size.

  9. Masais Says:

    Hey is there any possible way to make/get a version that doesn’t reshuffle after every hand I’d love to be able to use this as a tool to practice card counting but can’t really do that if it reshuffles. Otherwise the verison on my blackberry preal 8100 is great!

  10. Masais Says:

    Is it possible to have a version that does not shuffle after every hand?

  11. Tom Says:

    I have a touch screen without access to number and arrow keys.. phone is close to a CECT i9 (actual is model 188 Chinese iPhone clone with Java)

    I can only see the reset and exit buttons on the display

    any comments on adding support for touch screen?

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