BreakIn for Java Enabled Cell Phones BreakIn is a version of a classic pong-style game from the late-1970’s. Move your paddle to hit the ball. Take out all the bricks and move to the next level. The game gets more difficult as the ball speeds up and your paddle gets shorter.


  • Release Ball – OK or SELECT key
  • Move Paddle – Left and Right keys
  • Exit Game – Command 1


Requires a Java ME enabled device with CLDC 1.0 and MIDP 1.0 support. The version with sound requires a device with Sprint PCS extensions for MIDP 1.0.

Download to PC:

JAD: breakin.jad
JAR: breakin.jar

With sound, for Sprint PCS only:
JAD: breakin_sprintpcs.jad
JAR: breakin_sprintpcs.jar

Download to Mobile Device:

Open with your mobile, go to Games, and select BreakIn for All Phones or BreakIn with Sound, for Sprint PCS Only.

2 Responses to “BreakIn”

  1. Randy Says:

    Great remake of the classic game. Very fun game to kill a time in waiting rooms.

  2. Fiq Says:

    i am wondering. do u have the source code for the game??
    i’d like to see how u program the game. thnks.

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